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About Us
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Our Goal is Simple:

We will be your extra staff members, with out the overhead.
Saving you Money

"no cost/no obligation"

We Follow the shipment from pick up to delivery.
We will keep you and your customer informed.
We feel communication and follow thru is the key
to team work.

We Make it SIMPLE for you!

Truckload Freight in United States, Canada and Mexico
Long Haul and Short Haul
Home Delivery in Southern California
LTL Delivery in Southern California
Straight Truck Delivery
Expedite Shipments
Dropped Trailers available

We have been in the transportation business for a number of years, and look forward to many more successful years. Let us put our experience to work for you.

MTH Transport
P.O. Box 4905
Eden, NC 27288
Toll Free: 888-452-2702
Fax: 336-623-4796