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By bringing unique services to our customers, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We try to make it as simple as possible for you to work with us. By developing a strong relationship, we hope that you will contact us for all your transportation needs. We feel communication is the key and we will keep you informed from pick up to delivery.

Our Service

Our Goal is Simple:

We will be your extra staff members, with out the overhead.
Saving you Money

We offer this "no cost/no obligation" service to you, as looking for, contacting and obtaining any rate quotations can be a very frustrating and time consuming task. JUST ONE CALL, ONE FAX, OR ONE E-MAIL to us outlining your special requirements, will be promptly relayed to as many locations as you desire. Should you have an area need where we do not currently operate we will assist you in getting the right freight rates and companies

We Follow the shipment from pick up to delivery.
We will keep you and your customer informed.
We feel communication and follow thru is the key
to team work.

We Make it SIMPLE for you!

Truckload Freight in United States, Canada and Mexico
Long Haul and Short Haul
Flat bed
Home Delivery in Southern California
LTL Delivery in Southern California
Straight Truck Delivery
Expedite Shipments
Dropped Trailers available

MTH Transport
P.O. Box 4905
Eden, NC 27288